Welcome – Please make yourself at home 2 BOATS 500in my digital art studio…

My art features commonly encountered, time-worn structures
and utilitarian objects. Their weathered details tell a story;
their mystery invites new stories to be told.
Basically, I create three-dimensional snapshots in time.

The atmosphere of each piece evolves throughout the day. Its recesses,
jagged edges, and rugged textures are planned to enhance the effect
of variable ambient light; as highlights and shadows shift, so does its mood.

There are no human subjects in my work; instead, the viewer is the human component. Each viewer’s personal memories and experiences should shape distinct and differing reactions to my work. It should also evoke varied emotional responses in a single viewer, depending on the time of day it is viewed.

I hope that you enjoy viewing my artwork. Thank you for visiting. Feel free to use the “Contact Me” page to send your comments, questions, or pricing requests. I appreciate your feedback!